Whatever you do, do it with all of your heart as for the Lord and not for men. Col. 3:23

Texas Edge is, has been and always will be a Christian based organization. We believe there is great power in prayer and do what we can to provide a God-centered environment for all of our players.

As coaches, we have a great responsibility to all of our parents. That responsibility is the driving force behind the types of skills and techniques we teach our players. Skills and techniques that will continually bring success far beyond their time with Edge. It’s why we make a concerned effort to teach each player multiple positions. It’s also why we focus on long term goals and put an emphasis on doing things the right way. 


All of our coaches know what it takes to play baseball at the next level and together we are committed to implementing sustainable improvements that will have each player prepared to succeed.

This is select baseball. Competition is high and so are the expectations. But at the end of the day, we are talking about young kids playing a game they love. We don’t want them to put too much pressure on themselves or get burned out. 


Now, that doesn’t mean we are lowering any expectations. It means that we are putting just as much effort in developing your child’s love for the game as we are developing their ability to play it.


After all, this game is a lot more fun when you win. 

We believe in our process. We believe in our players. And we believe in our coaches.

When you build a team that you believe in, there's no reason to pick up “ringers” and stack your roster for a tough tournament. You trust in your preparation and put 100% faith in the teams you’ve put together.


There’s a trophy case full of rings, plaques and trophies at Texas Edge and we are proud to say we’ve earned every one of them the right way.