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This is select baseball. Competition is high and so are the expectations. But at the end of the day, we are helping KIDS play a GAME they love. Putting too much pressure on performance leads to nothing but untapped potential and burnout.


Now, that doesn’t mean we are lowering any expectations. It simply means we put just as much effort in developing your child’s love for the game as we do developing their ability to play it. 


After all, this game is a lot more fun when you win.


as we

We believe in our process. We believe in our players. And we believe in our coaches.

When you build a team that you believe in, there's no reason to pick up “ringers” and stack your roster for a tough tournament. You trust in your preparation and put 100% faith in the teams you’ve put together.


The trophy case at Texas Edge is overflowing with rings, plaques and trophies but the thing we are most proud of, is that our kids have earned every one of them playing the game the right way.



As coaches, we have a great responsibility to all of our parents. It's that responsibility that has inspired us to create a youth baseball organization that puts development first and emphasizes being great young men over being great ball-players.  

Winning is always the goal, we just aren't big on short-term success. So our first priority is always being fundamentally sound and doing things the right way. In-fact the skills and techniques we teach are designed to continually bring success far beyond your son or daughter's time playing for Texas Edge.


All of our coaches know what it takes to play baseball at the next level and together we are committed to implementing sustainable improvements that will have each player prepared to succeed.

Over the years one of the things that’s blown us away is how much our players love their team. When we were young ballplayers all of our favorite teams had an MLB patch on all of their hats.


Now, when we ask the kids at our camps or tryouts who their favorite team is, they almost always say the team they play for. We are blessed to say, for many of them, that team is Texas Edge.


Early on in our existence we made the commitment to build a brand our players can be proud to show off. We are constantly improving our look and continually updating our jerseys, hats, and apparel so that every season, jersey day feels like Christmas morning.


For most kids, the team they belong to is a big deal. So, we do everything we can to make them feel like big-leaguers.





Sports and mascots go hand in hand. And every great team deserves a great one. It took us 10-years to land on the perfect spirit animal for Texas Edge but the answer had been there the whole time.


Every spring a growing family of geese would make their way back to the pond at our facilities to spend the summer together. It was a perfect fit, in fact, a group of geese is even called a team. 


In 2020, "Big Fly" was born and we think he's the coolest, most original mascot in youth baseball. So, on behalf of Big Fly himself and the rest of Texas Edge we'd be honored if you were interested in joining our "Team" as we strive to always fly high together!

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